Today we publish teachers job in tamil nadu for English subject and other subject too. Mount Litera Zee School need primary teachers for they school. They want high skill teachers for English and any other subject too. According to me this is a great opportunity for male and female also because they provide very high salary for this job and also more other services.
In this article I add all job details and after then full company details. End of the article I will tech you how to apply for this job professionally to increase your chance for this school teacher job. 

Job Details

Share your love of learning and the English language with students in their most impressionable years with a job as an English teacher job. Give students a successful foundation of the rules of grammar and also language to build on throughout the rest of their educational careers. The Teach them to love literature and poetry in ways that will always stick with them. As an a English teacher, you have the opportunity to reach out to students in truly unique ways and have a positive influence on their good future. Prepare your students for the real all world with applicable, real-life knowledge of life that allows them to explore their educational and professional dreams come true.
Job Responsibilities
Set very high academic standards for all student in every class while still adapting to the individual needs of each child.

Attend weekly staff meetings for address unique situations or any problems with individual students so you can adapt your lesson plans to meet their all needs.

Prepare all lesson plans in advance that teach core objectives and principles that are relevant to student bright future education for students, also showing students how this knowledge is useful in the real valuable world.

Track and report performance data to determine where changes need to be made and which strategies and methods are working.

Develop stable, solid relationships with each and every students with appropriate boundaries, so they know you are available to help them when they need it any types of help.

Promote parent/teacher/student associations and encourage students and their guardians to get involved in the community and in the school.

Teach several different classes of students the rules of punctuation, grammar, spelling and other nuances of the English language skills.

Attend every special events held by the school and engage with all students and their parents in parents appropriate, in very friendly way.

Ability to meet the physical demands of this job, and including sitting and standing for long periods of school time

Bachelor’s degree in English teaching language

State certification and licensing to be a qualified as good English teacher

Previous experience teaching as good English teacher

Master’s degree in English teaching education

Job Type:- Full-time
Language:- English (Required)
Salary:- ₹15,000.00 to ₹25,000.00 /month
Experience:- Teaching: 3 years (Required)
Location:- Chennai, Tamil Nadu (Required)
Education:- Master's (Required)
Now job details are totally complete, now I am giving you school Details.

School Details

School Name:- Mount Litera Zee School

School Address:- Mount Litera Zee School, Chennai, OMR Road, Navalur, CHENNAI

School Phone Number:- +91 9677999916 / 9600116644

School Mail ID:- info@zeeschool.org.in

School Website:- http://www.zeeschool.org.in

Here school details are also complete. Now I tech you how to apply for this job.

How To Apply For Teachers Job?

Here I am provide you 3 step for apply this job.

1) Send Resume On Company Mail ID

In this step you have to send your Resume (CV) to company mail id and book your interview time and day.

2) Direct Call On Company Number

Phone Number:- +91 9677999916 / 9600116644

Here I give you 2 mobile Number, so here you can direct call company number and book your interview date and time.

3) Apply On Indeed

This teacher job is still available on indeed you can apply on there. But it’s very difficult to understand indeed functionality so that why, you can go with 1 and 2 step. According to me 1 option is best for applying any teachers job.

Note:- We take all job information from indeed but here we provide more information about job and School with advance option for apply to job. If you properly follow any one step then defiantly you will increase your chance for this teacher job.
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